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Arizona State University Tempe AZTempe, Arizona is a great community.  The population in 2017 was a little under two hundred thousand.  Home to several Fortune 500 companies.  The beautiful Arizona State University is located in Tempe.  It is considered one of the largest public universities in the United States.  They estimate they have about eighty thousand students on campus with an additional thirty thousand who attend online.

One of the busiest places is the Tempe Marketplace located at 2000 E. Rio Salado Pkwy.  There are over one million square feet of retail space.  They have more than one hundred shops and restaurants.  They have over three hundred events a year.  With water features and outdoor fireplaces, it is the perfect place to spend the day with friends and family.

For those people who want to experience the outdoors, Tempe Beach Park located in Downtown Tempe is the perfect place.  Activities at Tempe Town Lake include paddle boarding, boat rentals, and bike rentals.  They have concerts in the park and events for runners.

Does Having a Hood Cleaning Help Prevent Fires?

Tempe Beach Park | Tempe AZYes, having your commercial kitchen hood cleaned done on a frequent basis definitely helps prevent flash fires.  The exhaust system is designed to remove airborne grease, smoke, skin flakes, dandruff and more.  The airborne grease can build up in the duct system as well as the roof.

When cooking, there can be sparks which, if there was a build-up of grease in the vent, could cause a flash fire.  Fire can spread quickly so a commercial kitchen should have a sufficient fire suppression system in place.

The other place grease can accumulate is on the rooftop as that is where the exhaust system is vented.  This not only causes a fire hazard it can cause building damage as well as an environmental nightmare.  So, be sure to have a professional check the roof and evaluate the rooftop grease containment.

I Have a Small Cafe, How Often Should I Have a Hood Cleaning Done?

Good question.  Normally if you are not using your cooking area more than six hours a day and using only normal gas to cook, you could have a thorough hood cleaning done once every six months.  However, if you have a system that is used twenty-four hours per pay, you should get a hood cleaning done once a quarter at the very least.

If you use solid fuel when cooking in your commercial kitchen, it is recommended that the exhaust system is cleaning monthly.  If there is a ton of frying, you may want to have a hood cleaning done at least once every other month.

Can You Perform a Hood Cleaning in a Food Truck in Tempe?

Tempe Marketplace | Tempe AZ Hood CleaningOf course!  Phoenix Hood Cleaning can do a hood cleaning in any type of commercial restaurant.  Since food trucks are fairly mobile and most are not used daily, we can schedule a time that works for you to clean your exhaust system when your food truck is closed.

Sometimes we get calls from homeowners to come and do a hood cleaning but we are not licensed to do residential.

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