Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

Phoenix Hood Cleaning is the best! Our restaurant got a visit from the fire marshal and he said we needed to have our kitchen hood cleaned by a professional. We gave them a call and they scheduled us up right away. When the fire marshal came back he said they did an excellent job.
Kame Masterson
Restaurant Manager

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

We have been using Phoenix Hood Cleaning on a quarterly basis to clean the hoods in our kitchen. Recently we heard a nearby restaurant had a grease fire and lost the entire kitchen. We will keep on using them every quarter!
Isabel Billings
Restaurant Owner

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

I own several restaurants in the Phoenix area and will only use Phoenix Hood Cleaning to clean my commercial kitchen exhaust system.
Nick Cordano

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

We were scheduled to open our new restaurant in two weeks when we were informed by the fire marshal we could not open until we had our kitchen hood cleaned. We found Phoenix Hood Cleaning online and they answered the call in two rings. They were able to move their schedule around to accommodate us and we opened on time! Great company to work with.
Brian Feleciano
Restaurant Manager

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

Thank you Phoenix Hood Cleaning for doing a great job cleaning our kitchen hoods. They showed up on time and go right to the job.
Robby Lindsey
Kitchen Manager

HOOD CLEANING SURPRISE AZ by Phoenix Hood Cleaning

Surprise AZ GolfSurprise, Arizona came into being in 1938. It was named Surprise because Flora Mae Statler said she would be surprised if the city every amounted too much. Well, by the year 2000, the population was almost thirty-one thousand and by 2017, the estimated population was almost one hundred and fifty thousand people.

Golf is a favorite past time in Surprise as it is a big retirement community. One of the most popular golf courses in the West Brook Village. They have two beautiful eighteen hole courses that are open year round. Here is map to West Brook Village.

Do You Travel to Surprise for Hood Cleaning?

Of course! We service not only Phoenix but all cities surrounding Phoenix. Surprise is one of our favorite places for hood cleaning as it is a great quiet retirement community.

We do not tack on an extra charge to travel to surrounding cities. As a matter of fact, in many cases, we have a team that lives in the area. They work primarily out of their trucks traveling to our warehouse only when they need to re-stock their trucks.

Our trucks are equipped with commercial grade pressure washers, replacement hinges and filters, chemicals and more for hood cleaning. Nothing is more frustrating to a restaurant owner/manager when they have to wait for parts to come in.

We May Have a Pest Problem. Does Your Hood Cleaning Company Remove Pests in Surprise?

Restaurant in Surprise Hood CleaningPhoenix Hood Cleaning is not licensed as a pest control business. Our recommendation is to have us put you on our schedule and get a pest control company out to your commercial kitchen as soon as possible.

Once the pests have been removed, we will not only do your hood cleaning, we will professionally clean the whole kitchen. Our teams are trained and certified for a full commercial kitchen cleaning. They can get into tight spaces and remove the grease, mold, grime, and mildew that collects in the hard to reach places. We will clean behind, under and over all appliances leaving the commercial kitchen ninety-nine percent grease, grime, mold, and mildew free.

It is important to have this done as soon as possible as the rodents and insects can contaminate cooking and prepping surfaces. Cross-contamination can lead to food poisoning. This is the last thing a restaurant owner/manager wants as it can lead to very bad press. One bad review online can keep future clientele from choosing your restaurant.

How Long Does it Take to do a Hood Cleaning in Surprise?

There can be several factors that come into play when estimating the time it would take to do a hood cleaning. If the commercial exhaust system has not been cleaned in a long time, we may need to scrape the system before we can apply environmentally friendly chemicals.

We need to consider the length of the ductwork. One story buildings don’t have a lot of ductwork but high rises can have several feet. It is important for us to get all the grease out the ductwork because, if left behind, there could be a flash fire. One spark and the whole system could burn.

We recommend you have one of our professionals come to your place of business to inspect your hood to give you an estimate. To answer your question, hood cleaning can take from one and one-half hours up to several hours. That is the reason we recommend we give you an estimate.

After the first full hood cleaning, we can work with you to get you on a regular schedule. In the long run, it will save you money and time if you have a hood cleaning done on a regular basis.

Check out great restaurants in Surprise if you get a chance.

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