Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

Phoenix Hood Cleaning is the best! Our restaurant got a visit from the fire marshal and he said we needed to have our kitchen hood cleaned by a professional. We gave them a call and they scheduled us up right away. When the fire marshal came back he said they did an excellent job.
Kame Masterson
Restaurant Manager

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

We have been using Phoenix Hood Cleaning on a quarterly basis to clean the hoods in our kitchen. Recently we heard a nearby restaurant had a grease fire and lost the entire kitchen. We will keep on using them every quarter!
Isabel Billings
Restaurant Owner

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

I own several restaurants in the Phoenix area and will only use Phoenix Hood Cleaning to clean my commercial kitchen exhaust system.
Nick Cordano

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

We were scheduled to open our new restaurant in two weeks when we were informed by the fire marshal we could not open until we had our kitchen hood cleaned. We found Phoenix Hood Cleaning online and they answered the call in two rings. They were able to move their schedule around to accommodate us and we opened on time! Great company to work with.
Brian Feleciano
Restaurant Manager

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

Thank you Phoenix Hood Cleaning for doing a great job cleaning our kitchen hoods. They showed up on time and go right to the job.
Robby Lindsey
Kitchen Manager


Odysea Aquarium Scottsdale AZ
Odysea Aquarium Scottsdale AZ

Scottsdale, Arizona has a slogan and it is “The West’s Most Western Town”. Because of its hotel scene and late night partying, it is considered “a desert version of Miami’s South Beach.”

During the day, however, there is plenty to see and do. The McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park was opened on October 4, 1975. There were Wild West Shootouts, music, games and train rides, all at no cost to the attendees. There is something for everyone in this park. They have rides, a railroad museum, model railroads, trains, and cars even playgrounds. This park gets an estimated one million visitors per year.

The Odysea Aquarium is a favorite of kids and adults alike. It even has a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence. One can take a Shark Tour by seeing the sharks from the top or the Sea Trek where one can wear a TREK helmet and walk under the sea in one of their largest habitats. You can even meet up close an African Penguin.

After a long day visiting the park and aquarium you can head to one of the awesome restaurants they have in the area. Who wants to cook? Sit back and relax and have someone fix you a delicious meal.

Phoenix Hood Cleaning has been serving the greater Scottsdale area for years. They take their business seriously and with pride clean commercial kitchen exhaust systems. They can also pressure wash floors, sidewalks, and shipment bays.

Why Should I Hire a Professional Service When I Have Employees Who Could Clean our Hoods?

Railroad Park Scottsdale AZ
Railroad Park Scottsdale AZ

While you may have great employees they are not professionally trained like our team at Phoenix Hood Cleaning. Our team is also licensed and bonded a committed to doing the best hood cleaning possible.

They get into those hard to reach places that can grow mold and mildew. They get all the way to the top of the duct and even clean the hood on the rooftop. They take pride in polishing the equipment to give it that “like new” appearance.

Once the job is done, you will be given a certificate stating the date and time the hood cleaning was done. This goes a long way when there is an unexpected health inspection. This also plays a part in your insurance because insurance companies like to see restaurant owners/managers are using a professional.

Do You Charge More to Come to Scottsdale?

You pay the same price that a restaurant would pay in Phoenix or any surrounding city. Many times we have employees who live in the area so we can schedule them to do the work.

Hood Cleaning can cost as low as three hundred dollars, however, there may be some factors that raise the price. The amount of duct footage plays a big part. If you have a one-story restaurant, the duct footage is fairly short. If you are in a high rise, the duct footage could be substantial. There may be more cost if the exhaust system has not been cleaned on a regular basis.

We can have one of our professionals come by your restaurant to give you a more accurate estimate. Once they see the conditions the exhaust system is in, they can asses better how much time it will take them to do the work. They will then make recommendations on how often a hood cleaning should be done.

How Soon Can You do a Hood Cleaning?

For the most part, we can usually schedule a cleaning within a week of your request. Many times we do the cleaning after hours or a day the restaurant is closed. Our goal is to do the hood cleaning at your convenience.

There have been some cases when we schedule within a day or two of your request. Many times, we get calls from restaurant owners/managers who have had an unexpected inspection and the restaurant is in jeopardy of being closed down if the commercial kitchen exhaust system is not cleaning within seventy-two hours.

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