Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

Phoenix Hood Cleaning is the best! Our restaurant got a visit from the fire marshal and he said we needed to have our kitchen hood cleaned by a professional. We gave them a call and they scheduled us up right away. When the fire marshal came back he said they did an excellent job.
Kame Masterson
Restaurant Manager

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

We have been using Phoenix Hood Cleaning on a quarterly basis to clean the hoods in our kitchen. Recently we heard a nearby restaurant had a grease fire and lost the entire kitchen. We will keep on using them every quarter!
Isabel Billings
Restaurant Owner

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

I own several restaurants in the Phoenix area and will only use Phoenix Hood Cleaning to clean my commercial kitchen exhaust system.
Nick Cordano

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

We were scheduled to open our new restaurant in two weeks when we were informed by the fire marshal we could not open until we had our kitchen hood cleaned. We found Phoenix Hood Cleaning online and they answered the call in two rings. They were able to move their schedule around to accommodate us and we opened on time! Great company to work with.
Brian Feleciano
Restaurant Manager

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

Thank you Phoenix Hood Cleaning for doing a great job cleaning our kitchen hoods. They showed up on time and go right to the job.
Robby Lindsey
Kitchen Manager

Mesa AZ Hood Cleaning

Mesa AZ Things to Do | Mesa Hood Cleaning
Mesa AZ | Mesa Marketplace Swap Meet

About twenty miles east of Phoenix is Mesa City, Arizona. It is considered the largest suburban city in the United States. With a population a little under five hundred thousand people, it is considered the thirty-sixth largest city in the United States.

The Mesa Market Place Swap Meet is a favorite for natives and visitors alike. Open Friday, Saturdays and Sundays they offer incredible recreational shopping, concerts and a wide variety of food in their Food Court. Parking is free as well as the live entertainment in their food court.

The Arizona Commemorative Air Force Airbase is an experience, not just a museum. Visitors can see the WWII history museum, wartime planes, and artifacts. They have an annual D-Day celebration with flyovers and parachutes. Regular visitors can purchase an Annual Pass for only seventy-five dollars.

What is the Best Time of Year to Have My Restaurant Hood Cleaned?

Any time of the year is the best time to get your commercial kitchen hood cleaning done. However, we have found that our slowest season is Thanksgiving through the New Year. We understand this could be one of your busiest times and cannot afford to have your restaurant down, however, we are busiest and have long waiting times after the first of the year.

Some hood cleaning companies will close during that time but at Phoenix Hood Cleaning we will keep a skeleton crew on staff. We understand there may be an emergency need to have a hood cleaning done. Health inspectors can show up unexpectedly and request you have your kitchen exhaust system cleaned within seventy-two hours.

Do you Only Clean Hoods in Mesa?

Arizona Commemorative Air Force | Mesa AZ
Arizona Commemorative Air Force | Mesa AZ

Good question. In addition to hood cleaning, we are licensed and bonded to clean your entire kitchen. We have a commercial grade pressure wash system that will get into the hard to reach places. We clean not only behind the refrigerator and freezer but above and below as well. We will get ninety-nine percent of the grease, grime, mold, and mildew.

Our pressure wash system can also clean sidewalks, floors and receiving bays outside. Many of our clients have asked us to pressure wash their large trash cans outside as well as the pavement area under and around it. Nothing is worse than having a nice restaurant and a gross trash area.

Do You Get Rid of Rodents and Insect Infestation?

We are not licensed to rid a restaurant of rodents and bugs, however, we are good at cleaning up after they have been removed. Rodents and bugs are good at getting into the nooks and crannies in a commercial kitchen. Many times they are drawn to the area because the grease has built up.

Insects like to lay their eggs in the grease as it a great source of food for hatching larva. Rodents just like to eat the stuff and camp out. They are nocturnal and will not appear until the restaurant is closed and quiet. They crawl all over the stoves, countertops and food preparation areas. They can leave contaminates all over that are unseen.

Bottom line, if you suspect you have been invaded by rodents and or bugs, call in a licensed pest control company then schedule us to come in for a top to bottom cleaning. Last thing your restaurant needs is an outbreak of contaminated food which can lead to bad reviews online or worse lawsuits.

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