Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

Phoenix Hood Cleaning is the best! Our restaurant got a visit from the fire marshal and he said we needed to have our kitchen hood cleaned by a professional. We gave them a call and they scheduled us up right away. When the fire marshal came back he said they did an excellent job.
Kame Masterson
Restaurant Manager

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

We have been using Phoenix Hood Cleaning on a quarterly basis to clean the hoods in our kitchen. Recently we heard a nearby restaurant had a grease fire and lost the entire kitchen. We will keep on using them every quarter!
Isabel Billings
Restaurant Owner

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

I own several restaurants in the Phoenix area and will only use Phoenix Hood Cleaning to clean my commercial kitchen exhaust system.
Nick Cordano

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

We were scheduled to open our new restaurant in two weeks when we were informed by the fire marshal we could not open until we had our kitchen hood cleaned. We found Phoenix Hood Cleaning online and they answered the call in two rings. They were able to move their schedule around to accommodate us and we opened on time! Great company to work with.
Brian Feleciano
Restaurant Manager

Five Star Hood Cleaning Review

Thank you Phoenix Hood Cleaning for doing a great job cleaning our kitchen hoods. They showed up on time and go right to the job.
Robby Lindsey
Kitchen Manager

Glendale AZ Hood Cleaning

Things to do in Glendale AZLocated around nine miles northwest of Downtown Phoenix is Glendale, Arizona. This town has an estimated population of a little under two hundred and fifty thousand in the 2017 census. Since it is considered a desert, the temperatures range in the high 70’s in the winter and can get into the low 110’s in the summer.

This makes it a popular place to stay in the winter. One of the popular places to visit in Glendale is Sahuaro Ranch Park. It is diverse enough for visitors to have both a historic experience and a recreational experience. There are some old ranch buildings to explore or have a picnic and enjoy the peacocks.

For those of us who like to really visit the past, there is the Deer Valley Petroglyph Preserve. A petroglyphs are images carved into a rock. It is believed they were put there by prehistoric people to tell the history of their journeys and life. As one of five prehistoric sites in the area, it has one thousand five hundred and seventy-one petroglyphs spread out on five hundred and seventy-nine boulders.

Glendale, Arizona may seem like a small community, but it has a foodie community that is diverse. There are also a variety of food trucks serving amazing foods from Venezuelan cuisine to Italian to Cajun/Creole.

Phoenix Hood Cleaning serves the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. They clean commercial exhaust systems not only in restaurants but schools, food trucks, churches, senior citizen centers. Pretty much where there is a commercial vent.

What Happens if I Don’t Have a Professional Hood Cleaning Done?

Glendale AZ Things to do
Sahuaro Ranch Park, Glendale AZ

Commercial kitchen exhaust systems are designed to remove smoke, airborne grease and contaminates like skin dander and dandruff. The system filters these out and the duct system vents to the roof of the restaurant.

If the system is not cleaned frequently, grease can build up and create a fire hazard. Because grease is so flammable, it could take only one spark to start a kitchen fire. The flames will spread quickly and the whole kitchen could be totaled which could destroy the business. Employees could be a risk of injury or death. This would be catastrophic for any restaurant.

How Often Should I Have a Hood Cleaning Done?

According to the National Fire Protection Association 96 Standard, a commercial kitchen should schedule accordingly:

  • Monthly - if the kitchen uses solid fuel for cooking
  • Quarterly - for kitchens that have high volume cooking such as twenty-four-hour restaurants.
  • Semiannually - for kitchens that have a moderate cooking volume
  • Annually - for kitchens that are used infrequently like churches

Is There an Upcharge to Come to Glendale for a Hood Cleaning?

Phoenix Hood Cleaning serves all cities surrounding Phoenix. Glendale falls within our parameters. In some cases, we have a team that lives and works in cities like Glendale.

This makes it very convenient for them to come to your restaurant and give you an estimate. We cannot give you a straight over the phone because we do not know how much work cleaning your exhaust system takes until we see it in person.

So, the answer is no, there are no hidden fees or upcharges.

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