Austin’s Best Food Truck Parks

A buddy of mine since high school, Lance Smith, sent me a link to an article about the 'food truck scene' in Austin Texas. it turned out to be a blog post on Thrillist, and I couldn't turn away from it. (here's a link to the article). The article covers about a dozen food truck parks in Austin.  Now, if you're not familiar with 'food truck parks', just imagine a carnival type atmosphere with a bunch of food vendors all sharing a vacant lot or parking lot, with common seating. The first time I had seen this done was in Bend Oregon.

food-truck-hood-cleaning-phoenixLance is heavily into the 'food truck scene' because he owns/operates some. He has one called 'Grilled Addiction'. And another 'Wandering Donkey'. Both are in the Phoenix area.  And both his (and his beautiful wife Beth's) trucks sound like heaven on wheels. I truly look forward to trying both.

In Phoenix, I partnered with another buddy of mine, named Benny, to open a hood cleaning company.  Cleaning the hoods in gourmet food trucks are going to be a common practice for us, I'm sure.  My friend in Austin TX that owns Pro Hood Cleaning tells me that the increase in the number of hood cleanings that they're doing inside food trucks is growing exponentially.

Anyway, back to the subject of food trucks in Austin - the article is awesome but it really could use some maps.  I guess, if you're an Austin local, you know the street names well enough to find the truck parks and food trucks in them.  But, as a visiting foodie, I need to delve into GPS and driving a little bit blindly to find these places.  Tonight the plan is to go to Pangea Lounge which declares itself to be a 'music venue' online. The issue becomes finding the place - all the article says is that it's on 6th.

We might snack there, but our reason for being in the area will be Via 313 Pizza. I've heard really good things about it and am looking forward to trying it.

So, if in Phoenix, see if you can try Grilled Addiction or Wandering Donkey. In Austin, I'll let you know the ones that I find that I think are worthy of wandering through Austin to find.

Here's a little food truck porn for you from Grilled Addiction in Phoenix:

food truck hood cleaning
food truck hood cleaning