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I just love a good hamburger.  I have gotten to the point I really don’t like hamburgers from the fast food joints.  But, I have to admit one time, years ago, I had a Big Mac from McDonalds and it was one of the best burgers I have ever had.  I tend to prefer making my own hamburger at home because I totally control what get put on the hamburger.

Today, there seems to be an explosion of gourmet hamburger restaurants popping up.  I was looking at some hamburger restaurants in Phoenix and they have some amazing places I think I will explore next time I am in Phoenix.

Phoenix AZ RestaurantAioli Burger is the dream of three life-long friends.  Located at 10652 N 32nd Street, the brothers had a goal of serving amazing quality meals in their home-town.  Combining their skills is one reason why they are so successful.

Executive Chef Tommy D’Ambrosio, a native Arizonian, graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and honed his cooking skills for a decade before opening Aioli Burger.  Originally a single food truck, they now have their brick and mortar restaurant and several food trucks, so they can provide catering all around Phoenix and surrounding areas.

Kyle Hollenbeck took on the job of Director of Sales.  He handles all of the catering or food truck bookings.  Stephen Pucci is the Sous Chef.  A graduate from The Art of Institute of San Bernardino, California, has been working in commercial kitchens since the age of sixteen.

As their popularity spreads, so do the two hundred plus positive online posts.  They have a four-point-six-star rating from their fans.

Lenny’s Burger, located at 2825 N. Central Avenue, opened their first restaurant in 1984.  It was the creation of Lenny Flezar with the goal to serve an amazing burger that could be cooked up fast.Phoenix Arizona Restaurant

Lenny’s Burger is a family run business.  They stress freshness, cleanliness customized food with a value price.  All of their breads are delivered daily, their beef is never frozen – always ground fresh and their produce is hand-picked daily.

You would be hard pressed to not find someone in the valley that visits Lenny’s Burgers and has a great memory to share. With five restaurants to choose from, you won’t have to travel far to experience their amazing food.  Image being able to say you have eaten at the same place for twenty-five years!

No wonder they have over four hundred positive reviews online.  They have been nominated for “Best French Fries”, “Best Milkshake” and “Best Burger” year after year.  They are proud to say they won the “Best of” Award one year.

Located at 7210 E 2nd Street, Rehab Burger Therapy is another restaurant that is the dream of three friends.  They first started as partners in a pizza joint that grew into eight locations.  They ran those restaurants for eighteen years.

Phoenix Arizona Restaurant PhotoKen was at one time a pro-ball player.  His culinary skills have won him prizes throughout the years.  Denise, while raising a family, was also great at running a restaurant.  A former rock guitarist, Wiley first left home at the age of seventeen to tour the world.

One day, they were enjoying some down time and enjoying each other’s company at a backyard barbecue.  Reminiscing of the “good ol days”, they started talking about how they would like to open a restaurant that could be a gathering of friends and families.  They thought about how therapeutic it was to enjoy one another and that was how Rehab Burger Therapy was born.

They opened their first restaurant on May 29, 2012 and now have three restaurants throughout the valley.  With over one thousand eight hundred web reviews, you know they are doing something right.

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