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Cave Buttes | North Phoenix AZ
Cave Buttes | North Phoenix AZ

Cave Buttes Recreation Area is in the North Phoenix area.  It was once a part of the City of Phoenix park system that was closed to the public decades ago.  It has many dams and dikes controlling flooding from Cave Creek.  The desert and mountain landscapes are some of the most pristine in the Phoenix area.  Working with the Flood Control District, the Greater Phoenix Orienteering Club works with them to obtain special permits for orienteering events.

Comprising of more than nine thousand six hundred acres is the Sonoran Preserve.  It consists of thirty-six miles of trail with three trailhead locations.  Of the three trails, the easiest to take is Bobcat Trail and the most difficult trail is Dixie Mountain.

How Often Should We Have a Professional do Hood Cleaning?

Phoenix Hood Cleaning recommends a commercial kitchen should have a professional hood cleaning done every six months if the kitchen is used daily between six and twelve hours.  If the kitchen is using the exhaust system between twelve to sixteen hours per day, they really should have it cleaned once a quarter.

If the commercial kitchen is using solid fuel for cooking in the restaurant, it is recommended they have a professional hood cleaning once per month.  Solid fuel refers to pellets, sawdust, charcoal, and firewood.  These fuels produce tend to create by-products when burning like ash and steam.

Is Your Company Certified for Hood Cleaning?

Sonoran Preserve | North Phoenix
Sonoran Preserve | North Phoenix

Our team of professionals are trained for over five hundred hours of cleaning and inspecting before they can get certified.  We are also licensed with the State of Oregon and the State Fire Marshal.  We are bonded and insured to protect both our clients and ourselves.

This allows us to present you with a certificate of completion for hood cleaning.  It will state the date and time Phoenix Hood Cleaning came in to clean your exhaust system.  We recommend you post this certificate on the wall in the kitchen.  This is helpful when an unexpected health inspector shows up.

Health Inspectors have the ability to shut a kitchen down if the hood cleaning is not done properly on a regular basis.  They recognize the fire danger that can happen if grease is allowed to build up.  Grease fires can ignite with just one spark and spread quickly.

What do you Charge to do a Professional Hood Cleaning in North Phoenix?

Generally, if there is a two-man crew, the charge can run less than one hundred and five dollars per hour.  Most jobs can be done in about two hours.  However, there are factors that can raise the cost depending on how long it has been since a professional hood cleaning was done.

We have seen commercial kitchen exhaust systems that have not properly been cleaned in over a year.  The restaurant owner/manager was relying on their employees to do the hood cleaning.  The amount of grease, mold, and mildew that was built up in the duct system was unimaginable.  We had to spend over eight hours cleaning their system.

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