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Carefree Desert Garden
Carefree Desert Garden

One of the favorite places to visit in Carefree, Arizona is the Carefree Desert Gardens.  It is one of the two public botanical gardens in the Valley.  Located in Downtown Carefree on Easy Street access is free year long.  The plant specimens are amazing to view on the self-guided tour.  Explore the largest working Sundials or the Sanderson Lincoln Pavilion where there are events and concerts.  Attend the Garden Seminar on the second Saturday of the month or cool off in Kiwanis Splash Park.

The Basha’s Art Gallery is open to the public and free of charge.  Visit The Zelma Basha Salmeri Gallery of Western American and American Indian Art.  There are amazing watercolors, acrylics, oil paintings, natural stone sculptures, kachinas and pottery.  With over three pieces of art throughout the gallery, this is the place to take a day and enjoy the art.

How Many Times per Year Should We Have A Professional Hood Cleaning Done?

Bashas Art Gallery | Carefree AZ
Bashas Art Gallery | Carefree AZ

That depends on a couple of factors, how many hours per day you are using your equipment and what type of fuel is used when cooking.  If you are only using the commercial kitchen a few times per year, you may not have to get your exhaust system cleaned but once per year.  If you use solid fuel for cooking, you may want to get your hood cleaning done monthly.

The National Fire Protection Association Code 96 has the following recommendations:

  • Once per year for kitchens that are used only a few times per year.  For example a day camp.
  • Twice per year for commercial kitchens that use the kitchen moderately.
  • Once every three months for kitchens that have a high volume of cooking (this pretty much applies to most restaurants that are not seasonal)
  • Once per month for kitchens that use solid fuels.

How Come we Cannot Use Our Employees in Carefree to do the Hood Cleaning?

You can always use your employees to do your hood cleaning.  However, if they are not properly trained, they may be missing some important steps that could be disastrous.  Grease can get into hard to reach places that only a professional can get.  They use commercial grade pressure washing equipment to get to those impossible places.

Besides, as a restaurant owner/manager, do you really have the space to keep all of the equipment that is needed to do the proper cleaning.  Then you have to be sure you store the chemicals properly.

Some of the things to consider as well.  We can do before and after photos for your records.  We will give you a certificate that lists the date and time the hood cleaning was done.  This is good in two areas.  Health inspectors and insurance companies like to see that you get a professional job done.

We Would Like to do a Review of Your Restaurant in Carefree.

The team of Phoenix Hood Cleaning likes to eat out too!  After we do a hood cleaning, we love to come back and enjoy a meal.  We will then post a review on our website, Yelp, and Google to help boost your rating.

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