Phoenix Great Burgers!

I just love a good hamburger. I have gotten to the point I really don’t like hamburgers from the fast food joints. But, I have to admit one time, years ago, I had a Big Mac from McDonalds and it was one of the best burgers I have ever had. I tend to prefer making my own hamburger at home because I totally control what get put on the hamburger. Today, there seems to be an explosion of gourmet hamburger … Read More

Brunch or Breakfast? You Pick!

Ocotillo Restaurant features casual dinning. They are located on the corner of Third Street and Flower in midtown Phoenix. They offer both indoor and outdoor dining. Indoor you will find a full-service bar, dining room and a communal wine events area. Should you choose to dine outdoors, there are several unique spaces including the Chef’s Garden, Lucy’s Lawn, the Beer Garden or the Mesquite Terrace. The cuisine at Ocotillo Restaurant focuses on New American with a touch of local Arizona … Read More

My Friends Food Trucks Phoenix

My husband and I have friends in Phoenix, AZ who graduated from the same high school as we did (it was a small school) in the 1970’s. Our high school was in Lake Tahoe, Nevada and none of us would trade our child hood for anything. Lance and Beth married out of high school and moved to Arizona. There they raised their family and when they became “empty nesters” they decided to invest in a food truck. They now have … Read More

Austin’s Best Food Truck Parks

A buddy of mine since high school, Lance Smith, sent me a link to an article about the ‘food truck scene’ in Austin Texas. it turned out to be a blog post on Thrillist, and I couldn’t turn away from it. (here’s a link to the article). The article covers about a dozen food truck parks in Austin. Now, if you’re not familiar with ‘food truck parks’, just imagine a carnival type atmosphere with a bunch of food vendors all sharing … Read More

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